• 1 Gold key (1 hour)
  • 15 tickets per entry


  • 3 x Youth Fruits
  • Chance of additional youth fruit and super youth fruit with each battle
  • 5 TP
  • 9000 Silver
  • 300 XP


Number of Sparkling Spots

Capturable Monsters

Name Element
Flamenix Fire
Flamorider Fire
Freezebear Water
Hummboss Storm
Jerbor Fire
Nightmare Shadow
Remus Earth
Rooknight Earth
Shadeswan Shadow
Tombodrone Storm

Dungeon Boss

Name Element Active Moves Passive Moves
Twigster Earth Superstone Accelerate Team Megaquake (All) Protector Killer Stunning Entrance
Octoneer Water Gigawave (All) Stun Bomb Summon Stunner - Stun Immunity
Mandaroot Earth Superstone Sleep All Superbash (Dual) Sleep Bomb -
Bloomfish Earth Superstone Timestrike Accelerate Attack Boost Poison Revenge
Islandoe Earth Megastone Ultraquake (All) Stun Burst Accelerate Team -
Islandcrab Earth Superstone Protect Teammates Sendback Stealth Teammate Hold Ground
Lavacroc Fire Superflame Superflare (Dual) Protect Teammates Sacrifice Heal -
Greenking Earth Poison Sting Poison Eater Poison Touch -
Musharoo Holy Lux Heal All Purify -
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