Since most of the admins of this wikia are likely no longer active, could there be some new admins? I'm not saying make me one at all cause I'm not gonna be too active on here and I did have a vandal problem on another wikia, but could an active admin (I know Nitekrawler is) hire some new admins? We could have a community discussion on this and who to hire, maybe I can go to the forum and we can all arrange for the Devs and mods to be admins on here. Nitekrawler is working like a horse to keep this wikia updated and we aren't helping him, that is not fair. Maybe unlock the home page so that others could constantly update the new events. For example replace Dungeon Challenge with Okkult's Invitation, P.S. The secret reward for this one is a Cryptamid I cleared it myself.

P.S. To undo revisions just click the down arrow next to the edit option next to a page, go to the page's history, and undo the revision. This is especially helpful in cases of vandalism, and even if a local admin isn't active the FANDOM staff and VSTF are VERY active in blocking these vandals. So if anyone vandalized the homepage, it's so easy to undo the revision and block him/her. So could the homepage please be unlocked? It would be a great move for this community as a whole! P.S. The official game Forum can be found here!

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