I have to say a big thanks to those who initially started the wiki as they did quite a lot of work to get all of this going. Also a big thanks to all who have been contributing on a regular basis. Without you this wiki would have died a long time ago.

So I have been quite busy over the last week or so to make the Neo Monster Wikia a bit more visually appealing as I would like to have it match the game a bit more. All of this is a still a work in progress and any assistance and/or feedback would be greatly appreciated as this is really a community effort.

The front page is basically done, just need to tweak a few things. The initial main page has just been moved to Neo Monsters for reference. Will most likely move some of the data from there to separate pages for ease of use.

I am also working on the following:

  • Event Templates - Island Challenge is pretty much done
  • Monster Template - Still needs some work, especially the 'locations' bit as it is quite complex. I have a sample page here for those interested: Sandbox
  • Moves Template - Will start on this soon. Should make adding new moves a bit easier. Would also like to add a 'Hover Tooltip' function to this for quick reference from monster pages.
  • Plan to try and redesign the 'Monsterdex' as well. Having multiple index pages a bit overkill and would like to simplify it a bit.

Will eventually look into the story modes to try and reorganize it as well with some templates etc.

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