In Neo Monsters, you level up and evolve your monsters through training. Access the training interface while in Othlon by tapping on the "Training" button to the left of the "Explore" button.


In order to train, you must have training points. Each time you complete a fight, you'll acquire training experience. When the bar fills, you'll receive a training point to spend. The amount of training points you can have is limited; however, this limit increases as you progress through the game.

Tip: To get the most out of your training sessions, have a full team of trainable monsters. Training is absolute, not shared between monsters.

How It Works

During training, your character will be standing on a pathway of circles. Additionally, you'll be presented with cards. The cards represent the stats: HP, attack, defense, and speed. They'll come as either bronze, silver, or gold. And they'll have a number of associated steps. Using a card will have the following effects:

  1. Your character will move the number of steps shown on the card.
  2. Your monster's stats will be increased based on the stat shown on the card.
  3. Your monsters will gain experience to allow leveling up.
  4. The amount of stats and experience gained is based on the card's power, which is based on whether it's bronze, silver, or gold. Gold is the best.
  5. You will receive a new card based on the circle you land on. The card will have the stat and color shown on the circle you land on.

Additionally, there are special purple cards. These can either upgrade your cards to higher ranks or shuffle the circular cells.

If one stat is maxed any points to that stat will be randomly reallocated to an unmaxed stat.

Note that each card used uses up a training point, so you can move a number of times equal to the number of training points you have.

A Note on Methods

There are two ways you can go about training. You can build up several points and spend them all at once, or you can spend points individually - one at a time.

If you choose to save several up before training, then you gain the ability to strategically land on the cells you wish to land on. However, the new cards obtained for each additional training point used are strictly based on the cell you land on. You'll receive one card based on the cell you land on per training point.

If you choose to play the points individually, then for each point you'll be presented with five new cards. However, you won't have the ability to move along the grid and control which card you obtain.

Both have potential pros and cons; however, the end result likely won't matter much. So use whatever is more fun to you!

Expect to have to use de-aging fruits to max anything of 3+ stars.

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