• I think I've finally managed to get the The Legend of Chronox page mostly the way I like it, so I wanted your opinion on how it looks. I tried to make the buttons relatively close to how they look in-game (though of course colors are very fiddly, so it could always be done better). The one problem I can foresee is that people might try to click on the picture instead of the links, but I don't think too much can be done about that, and the buttons should be the next obvious think to try. Do you think this looks good enough? Or do you not like it, or think something could be done better?

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    • I like it. The colors are fine. Personally I would prefer the buttons to be a bit smaller, as to fit the length of the picture, with bit more of a gap between them and the picture as well as the buttons themselves.

      I've made a change to the picture link to make it non-clickable. Hope that is what you were trying to aim for :)

      Are you planning on using the same kind of layout for other missions etc? If so, I can try and make a template for you once you have finalized the design.

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    • Awesome, thanks.

      Hmm, so how small exactly? Currently the two buttons together are the same length as the picture but I guess you would prefer them to be smaller still? Also, how much spacing? I've changed it to have a bit more, but olnly a bit, so might prefer more space still. I might ask a couple other people for opinions on how it looks as well.

      Yes, that would be nice, thanks! I'll let you know when I'm done, though it likely won't be for a while.

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    • Chrono

      Here is what I see. When I edit the page then everything is in-line. I will have a look as well to see how to align it all better.

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    • 20180306 223144-1-
      20180306 223130-1-
      Huh, strange. This is how it looks to me.
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    • A FANDOM user
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