This is your chance to get a Crownwalker, and ingredient monster needed for Ultra-evolving certain Legendary monsters! You have a certain chance of encountering a Crownwalker, and if you can fine a defeat one, you'll get one guaranteed!

Warning: You can only get 1 Crownwalker per event. Thank you for understanding.





Ticket Cost XP Gain Rewards
30 4,000 Crownwalker 18,000 Silver

Boss Battle

Name Element Active Moves Passive Moves
Crownwalker Shadow Ultradusk (All) Desperate Double Survivor Purify Hold Ground
Metallodius (If Crownwalker does not appear) Shadow Superblight Superdusk (All) Sleep Bomb Auto Protect
Carnofrost Water Ultrasplash Ultrawave (All) Twin Knock Back Unwanted Friend -
Blightwyrm Shadow Ultradusk (All) Desperate Double Survivor Purify Hold Ground
Stegotitan Earth Gigastone Protect Teammates Ultraquake (All) Purify Stun Absorber Hold Ground
Typhondragon Storm Ultrathunder (All) Protector Killer Sleep Killer Timestrike -
Shivogod Earth Megastone Heal All Purify Give Turn -
Magmaraptor Fire Timestrike Throw Bloodthirst One-on-One -
Taloknight Shadow Gigadusk (All) Survivor Accelerate Team Life Flip Self Death Revenge
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