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This is a template used to retrieve information stored on other pages and display them in the form of a tooltip.


{{Tooltip|source page| caption (optional)| color (optional)| size (optional)}}

will retrieve data wrapped in <div class="tooltip-content"></div> tags, stored on source page. The above syntax can be used on any page and will work, provided the there is any content on source page wrapped in the before mentioned tags.

Basic use

The source page parameter can be called in two different ways:

If the tooltip is called from a standard page:



Superbolt <- (hover over the title to see the tooltip)

If the tooltip is called from another template:



Superbolt <- (hover over the title to see the tooltip)

Optional Caption

An optional caption can be added to the tooltip:

{{Tooltip|Superbolt|Single Enemy Storm Attack}}


Single Enemy Storm Attack

Optional Color

the link color can be also changed. Default color is White




This makes use of the color classes available. Full list of color options can be seen here: CT Documentation

Optional Font Size

the font size of the link can be altered as well:




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