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This template functions exactly like a normal link would, but gives a different color. SL is the shorthand for "Special Link".


{{SL|source page| caption (optional)| color (optional)| size (optional)}}

Basic Use

This template can be used to replace the format of standard links as they look the same. Standard links such as [[Gold Egg]] will show as Gold Egg, whereas using the template such as {{SL|Gold Egg}} will show as Gold Egg.

Optional Caption

An optional caption can be added to the tooltip:

{{SL|Gold Egg|Golden Egg}}


Golden Egg

Optional Color

The main reason for using the template is for changing the color of the link.

{{SL|Gold Egg|color=blue}}


Gold Egg

This makes use of the color classes available. Full list of color options can be seen here: CT Documentation

Optional Font Size

the font size of the link can be altered as well:

{{SL|Gold Egg|size=20}}


Gold Egg

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