100 sec
This skill hits 1 enemy.


Synergy with:
Strong against:
Weak against:
Additional Notes:

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This template is used to display the details around the monster moves.


|seconds         = [Seconds count for move, can be multiple values (e.g 100/130)]
|description     = [Description of move]
|synergy         = [This move works well in conjunction with ...]
|strong          = [This move is strong against ...]
|weak            = [This move is weak against ...]
|notes           = [Any additional notes for this move]

Example Usage

|seconds         = 100
|description     = This skill hits {{CT|all enemies|green}}
|synergy         = 
|strong          = [[:Category:Fire|Fire]]
|weak            = [[:Category:Storm|Storm]]
|notes           = 

Description Colors

In order to match the visuals of the descriptions with the game, some color CSS classes have been created to match the game colors and should be used when adding the description using the CT Color Template.


Adding this

|description = This skill hits {{CT|all enemies|green}}. If {{CT|one or more enemies|blue}} have {{CT|a high amount of seconds|blue}} left before their next turn, this skill deals {{CT|massive damage|blue}}. {{CT|This skill can only be used once per battle|red}}.

will show the description as ...

This skill hits all enemies. If one or more enemies have a high amount of seconds left before their next turn, this skill deals massive damage. This skill can only be used once per battle.

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