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This template is used to generate a List based on information provided.


{{LI|list header| list item 1 | list item 2 (optional) | list item 3 (optional) | list item 4 (optional)}}

Basic Use

The basic use of the template is to create a quick list with a minimum of 1 list item (max 4)

{{LI|Central Island|Near Athlon}}


Central Island
  • Near Athlon

Additional Items

It accepts up to three listed items:

{{LI|Tropical Isles|Trees|Grass|Water}}


Tropical Isles
  • Trees
  • Grass
  • Water

Tooltip Links

By default, the template will also apply the Template:Tooltip template to the listed items to show a tooltip if one is available.

{{LI|Move List|Timestrike|Superbolt}}


Move List
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