Neo Monsters Wikia

Note* this is not a mandatory guide to the start of the game. (Also I won't cover a majority of cutscene, to avoid a majority to suppliers in the story.)

This is a guide to get you to a good start in Neo Monsters. This guide will get you from the start of the game to the expert league.

When you first start up the game, you'll watch your Uncle fight the former champion with the four starters. And then the game begins. You will be brought to a screen which show four monster:

20?cb=20170831014307 Wolfro, the master of water

20?cb=20170828210840 Redkid, the Master of Fire

20?cb=20170830204620 Galvit, the Master of Storm

20?cb=20170828070137 Viridino, the Master of Earth

You can choose whoever, as when you unlock online, you can do a challenge that can give you the other starters.

After you choose your starter, you will engage a fight with a wild Zapcat, with this marking the start of the tutorial. You will capture this monster:

20?cb=20170830212428 Zapcat.

IMG 5182.JPG

This will be a brief tutorial of how to catch monsters. You'll then start a fight with another trainer with a trainer with a 12?cb=20170828205523 Glaucoal and a 12?cb=20170830211329 Squallfox.

This will give a tutorial on how to battle other trainers.

One you completed the battle, you reach to Othlon, and reach Randolph , a friend of your uncle Hector.

Once the next day starts, you will be officially registered as a monster hunter, and you get the Rookie League map, where you will find trainers to fight. After this, Randolph will give you eight gems to use for a gold egg.

This egg hatch is rather crucial to if you get stuck, any epic 10?cb=20170814014322 10?cb=20170814014322 10?cb=20170814014322 10?cb=20170814014322, Super Epic 10?cb=20170814014322 10?cb=20170814014322 10?cb=20170814014322 10?cb=20170814014322 10?cb=20170814014322, or Legendary 10?cb=20170814014322 10?cb=20170814014322 10?cb=20170814014322 10?cb=20170814014322 10?cb=20170814014322 10?cb=20170814014322 could greatly effect your gameplay entirely. However, deleting the game over and over can excessive and soul crushing, so it's recommended to two things. You should check the Neo Monster Facebook page, to check when there is a event going on (they can often occur when holidays like Thankgiving, or Christmas) when there are another type of egg where your chance of string of getting a 5-6 star monster are increased. Or you could wait till you beat the rookie league, and get a fair amount of gems via the "free gems" online. Here's a list of what monsters you could try to obtain.

Great Epic monsters

  • Protector Killers (Lavaclops, Velopup): They can be useful for some more bulkier monsters you fight at the start of the game (you fight a Flyther, a monster that is vulnerable to this move), as this can greatly help later on.
  • Poison Eater (Dahrg, Cryptwing, Seaslither): They are a great monster to have early in the game, but they can be rather vulnerable to most monsters with Timestrike, but if you want to avoud this problem, try to catch some zero star timestrikers, with low HP and poison revenge, so you can easily rack up kills with Poison Eater.

Note: if you have online activity, you can get a free Super Epic monster called Chronox, a monster with Faststrike, which is practally a reverse Timestrike, and a great monster to have at the start of the game.

The start:

You first go to the Central Island, where you start. You should try to grind to get six (6) training points (which will be explained later on), so you can immediately evolve Zapcat and your starter. This will show monsters that will be seen (This will only list the first time said monster will appear in said island, I will also post when a monster wont appear as well.)

> Near Othlon:

20?cb=20170830204142 Bluechick (Beach & Grass)

20?cb=20170830204149 Breezeling (Grass)

20?cb=20170830204848 Gustbat (Grass)

20?cb=20170831013825 Plasmo (Grass)

20?cb=20170828211523 Torchtail (Grass)

20?cb=20170831012332 Bitefish (Water)

20?cb=20170831014012 Seaquill (Water)

> Near the first village (Amanden):

20?cb=20170830204848 Gustbat (Grass)

20?cb=20170830205217 Mantisword (Grass)

20?cb=20170829045818 Spookbat (Grass)

20?cb=20170830211329 Squirehawk (Grass)

Soon after the first village, you will encounter a fight with a girl named Makisa

Team: 10?cb=20170831013825 Plasmo 10?cb=20170831014012 Seaquill 10?cb=20170830204344 Flyther. (recommended to have Chronox or a Protector Killer like 10?cb=20170830204141 Blitztail the second evolution of Zapcat)

After you beat her you will be brought back home until the next day.

On this day, you will be taught on how training works (If you want to gain great amounts of training points, the online campaign can give great amounts of training point, the third campaign onwards can give 10 points per level). Keep in mind that this is the only to train your monsters, but also watch on how much space you have available.

> Near the second village (Thercus)

20?cb=20170828205709 Jerbo (Grass, N of Thercus)

20?cb=20170828064145 Mogupup (Grass, N of Thercus)

20?cb=20170828064909 Seedtooth (Grass, N of Thercus)

20?cb=20170830204149 Breezeling (Forest)

20?cb=20170828204433 Bronzeshell (Forest)

20?cb=20170830204848 Gustbat (Forest)

20?cb=20170830212425 Voltyke (Forest)

20?cb=20170827044444 Bitebulb (Water, W of Thercus)

Glaucoal (Water, W of Thercus)

20?cb=20170831012332 Bitefish (Water, N of Thercus)

> Near the third village (Dargo)

20?cb=20170830204339 Duskling (Forest, NE of Dargo)

20?cb=20170828210613 Minitaur (Forest, NE of Dargo)

20?cb=20170831013824 Ottero (Forest, NE of Dargo)

20?cb=20170829045933 Terrodactyl (Forest, NE of Dargo)

20?cb=20170828205704 Hedgehot (Grass, W of Dargo)

20?cb=20170828065122 Shaokid (Grass, W of Dargo)

> Forest Temple

20?cb=20170830211052 Pteroling (Forest)

20?cb=20170827051220 Catoblepup (Inside)

> The Bridge

20?cb=20170828205517 Flarerunner (Grass, N & S of the Bridge)

20?cb=20170828063922 Jumbopede (Grass, N of the Bridge)

20?cb=20170828063926 Leafmantis (Grass, S of the Bridge)

20?cb=20170829010203 Moji (Grass, S of the Bridge near the Temple)

20?cb=20170829045818 Skullbat (Grass, S of the Bridge)

20?cb=20170828211310 Smokepup (Grass, N of the Bridge)

20?cb=20170828205523 Glaucoal (Water, S of the Bridge)

> Water Temple

20?cb=20170828070153 Wickerboy (N of the Temple)

20?cb=20170830211326 Sparkhoof (Inside)

(This guide will be soon finished).