Reward(s) XP Gain
Gem x2 100

  • Mission Start/Before Boss Battle
    • --A cold wind blows across the charred remains of the once-proud Salvatore manor,
    • --The two brothers still stand, glaring at one another.
    • Abe: ...
    • Ben: ...
    • --A minute passes. And then...
    • --Both brothers burst into laughter.
    • Abe: Ha ha ha, seriously. When did you get so powerful, Ben?
    • Ben: Well, I can't say for sure, but it looks like we're even now.
    • Abe: I don't know if I can back down, though. We need to finish this fight.
    • Ben: Neither can I. I'm sorry, but I finally have what I need to win. It's all thanks to Lector...
    • Abe: ....Lector?
    • Ben: Yeah. He showed up a couple of days ago and helped me upgrade Pengbot.
    • Abe: But... someone named Lector was helping me master Don Penguini.
    • Ben: That's... that's impossible!
    • Abe: What could this mean?
    • ?????: It means that it's my turn to strike back!
    • --Both brothers turn toward the all-too-familiar voice of Lector. He steps out of the shadows.
    • Lector: I must thank the both of you. My plan went along quite smoothly.
    • Ben: Plan? You were supposed to help me defeat Abe!
    • Lector: I helped both of you, so I could achieve my goal: complete control of Corrolan!
    • Lector: You've helped weaken the foundations of the Salvatore empire, and this city needs a new company in charge!
    • Abe: No way! You took advantage of our battles!
    • Ben: So you just wanted control over the city? You could have easily made a deal with one of us.
    • Lector: Years ago, your father uprooted a very profitable operation I had in Corrolan.
    • Lector: I waited until my power grew, so that one day, I could be the one to destroy his empire, and his legacy!
    • Lector: And your little sibling-squabble was the perfect opportunity to strike.
    • Abe: If you think for a second that you're gonna get away with this, you got another thing coming.
    • Ben: Yeah, this town is ours, and this turf war is ours!
    • Abe: Take a hike, bozo.
    • Lector: Oh? And how do you plan to stop me?
    • Lector: Neither of you can do anything alone. You are far to weak, now!
    • Abe: That's true...
    • Ben: Alone, we can't stop him. But...
    • Abe; Between Ben and I, we can make a half decent team of our own.
    • Lector: Ha ha ha ha ha! I'd like to see you try!
    • Lector: Now, I shall remove you and all traces of the Salvatore from this city!
    • Ben: Bring it on.
    • Abe: Let's go!

Boss Battle

Lector's Team

Name Element Active Moves Passive Moves
Taloknight Shadow Gigadusk (All) Survivor Accelerate Team Life Flip Self Death Revenge
Tiamazus Holy Gigalux Poison Eater Poison Touch Knock Back Stun Immunity Auto Poison
Chronotitan Holy Ultranova (All) Bomb Curse Survivor Desperate Bite Hold Ground
Lavaronix Fire Assisted Flame 400sec Megabomb Give Turn Team Turn Stun Immunity
Tridrakhan Fire Ultrablaze (All) Venom Protector Killer Poison Eater Venom Sleep Killer Stunning Entrance
Geartyrant Shadow Ultrablight Bloodfury Life Flip Self Stun Flash Auto Death Sentence Hold Ground
Ultimadragon Holy Ultranova (All) Double Survivor Stun Flash Bloodthirst Stun Immunity Death Revenge
Galliodragon Shadow Ultradusk (All) Stun Flash Double Survivor Life Flip Unlimited Hold Ground

Abe's Team

Name Element Active Moves Passive Moves
Dualdragoon Storm Ultrabolt Ultrathunder (All) Twin Knock Back Unwanted Friend -
Galvbane Storm Timestrike Protector Killer Stun Pulse Bloodcrave Hold Ground
Typhondragon Storm Ultrathunder (All) Protector Killer Sleep Killer Timestrike -
Viridizardon Earth Ultraquake (All) Accelerate Team Desperate Bite Hold Ground
Demolitron Holy Ultranova (All) Protector Killer Sleep Killer Timestrike -
Venodrake Shadow Gigablight Double Poison Eater Dual Poison Touch Toxic Entrance
Nightlord Shadow Gigablight Timestrike Ultradusk (All) Sendback Poison Revenge Shocking Entrance
The Godfeather Storm Assisted Thunder (All) Life Flip Self Last Bite Retreat Stun Immunity Hold Ground

Ben's Team

Name Element Active Moves Passive Moves
Pegassiah Holy Ultranova (All) Desperate Double Survivor Purify Hold Ground
Golgerock Earth Ultraquake (All) Protect Focus Accelerate Team Knock Back -
Poseideon Water Gigasplash 400sec Megabomb Stealth Life Flip All -
The Penguinator Storm Ultrathunder (All) Overwatch Slayerbane All Desperate Bite Excessive Force Hold Ground
Clioseraph Holy Megalux Heal All Purify Give Turn -
Minoferno Fire Ultraflame Dreamhunt Ultraflare (Dual) Give Turn -
Archseraph Holy Ultranova (All) Heal All Purify Stealth Teammate Stunning Entrance
Caniswyrm Shadow Element Eradicate Protect Focus Stealth Teammate Knock Back Next -

  • After Boss Battle
    • Lector: Impossible! Impossible impossible impossible!
    • Abe: Looks like your plan backfired.
    • Ben: Beat it! And don't let us see your face around here ever again.
    • Lector: I will have my revenge! Don't you ever forget it!
    • --Lector flees from the city.
    • Abe: ...
    • Abe: You know, we make a pretty good team.
    • Ben: No arguments here.
    • Ben: ......
    • Abe: ..........
    • Ben: You got something to say?
    • Abe: I'm thinking that... if we have to deal with guys like Lector and others...
    • Ben: ...That we should join forces again?
    • Abe: Yeah, but... I don't wanna guilt you into it.
    • Ben: I agree. We should consolidate our power again.
    • Abe: Wh-what, really?
    • Ben: We've had our disagreements in the past, but we should have taken the time to work things out.
    • Abe: I gotta say, I'm no good at planning things out. You are way better at it.
    • Ben: And you always have the best interest of the company at heart. I should take the
    • Abe: It's just... the only thing I'm really good at is fighting. I was worried giving you more power would make me useless.
    • Ben: No way! The whole reason I had so much trouble with you was because you managed to hold everything together.
    • Ben: I'd say, you're definitely leader material.
    • Abe: I have an idea. Why don't we fix the issue, from the top to bottom?
    • Ben: You mean, reorganize things?
    • Abe: Yes. Like, you should have more of a say in decisions that affect our outfit as a whole.
    • Ben: I would appreciate that, thank you. But I can't do this without your help.
    • Abe: Let's split our power 50/50. Together, we'll make an unstoppable force.
    • Ben: ...You're right. It's what father would want, anyway.
    • --The two brothers finally resolved their differences, but there was much work to be done
    • --The scars of destruction left room for new developments, and the Salvatore empire was built anew.
    • --Abe and Ben, with the power of the Godfeather and the Penguinator, set their sights outside of Corrolan, expanding their organization far and wide.
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