Reward(s) XP Gain
Aeromid 100

  • Mission Start/Before Boss Battle
    • --You ready your monsters for the final battle with Abe at Salvatore manor.
    • Ben: This will be a piece of cake! Abe's forces are scattered since their counter-attack failed.
    • Ben: Finally, I'll be able to reclaim what should have been rightfully mine in the first place.
    • Lector: Indeed, young Salvatore. But Abe knows what's at stake. He might try something... desperate.
    • Ben: What do you mean?
    • Lector: He has probably shifted his strategy, since he can no longer match you in power.
    • Ben: ....
    • Lector: We shouldn't stop here. Let's increase the Penguinator's armor!
    • Ben: Yes. I've come so far that I can't afford to underestimate him now.
    • Ben: Let's do it. Then, I can finally end this.
    • Lector: Ha ha ha ha! Excellent, excellent!
    • --You march to the manor. Abe's men provide little resistance and quickly disperse.
    • --The Penguinator walks through the oaken door, smashing it to pieces. Abe is waiting on the other side.
    • Abe: Ben... so good of you to visit.
    • Ben: ....
    • Ben: You were expecting me.
    • Abe: Why wouldn't I be? After all, if the pattern holds true... it's my turn to win.
    • Ben: You would like that, wouldn't you? Well, I too planned ahead.
    • Abe: Hmph. Not like that means anything. I was always the better fighter.
    • Ben: Considering you lost the last battle, I'd say that's a matter of debate!
    • Ben: Let's go, Penguinator!

Boss Battle

Abe's Team

Name Element Active Moves Passive Moves
Flarevern Fire Gigaflame Poison Eater Poison Touch Knock Back Stun Immunity Auto Poison
Typhondragon Storm Ultrathunder (All) Protector Killer Sleep Killer Timestrike -
Viridizardon Earth Ultraquake (All) Accelerate Team
Mechaviathan Water Assisted Splash Team Turn 400sec Megabomb Give Turn Stun Immunity
Venodrake Shadow Gigablight Double Poison Eater Dual Poison Touch Toxic Entrance
Blitzdragon Storm Gigathunder (All) Timestrike Purify Step Back Stunning Entrance
Serapheon Holy Ultranova (All) Risky Heal All Purify Give Turn Stunning Entrance Hold Ground
The Godfeather Storm Assisted Thunder (All) Life Flip Self Last Bite Retreat Stun Immunity Hold Ground

Ben's Team

Name Element Active Moves Passive Moves
Gryphinx Storm Gigathunder (All) Timestrike Accelerate Attack Boost Hold Ground Poison Revenge
Golgerock Earth Ultraquake (All) Protect Focus Accelerate Team Knock Back -
Serazael Holy Giganova (All) Give Turn Pull Back Switch Places Stun Immunity
The Penguinator Storm Ultrathunder (All) Overwatch Slayerbane All Desperate Bite Excessive Force Hold Ground
Ninjastorm Storm Gigabolt Create Duplicate Ultrathunder (All) Stealth Stun Revenge
Minoferno Fire Ultraflame Dreamhunt Ultraflare (Dual) Give Turn -

  • After Boss Battle
    • --Both sides clash back and forth, with no clear winner in sight...
    • --However, the Penguinator strikes the final blow, sending the Godfeather flying.
    • Abe: What? How could this be?!
    • Ben: You think that strength is all that matters! It's no wonder I won again.
    • Abe: I was chosen-
    • Ben: And you lost!
    • Abe: No... not yet!
    • --The Godfeather rises once more, and clears the rubble with one tap of its cane.
    • Ben: Then I'll just keep knocking you down...
    • Ben: Show him who the real boss is, Penguinator!
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