Reward(s) XP Gain
Aeromid 100

  • Mission Start/Before Boss Battle
    • --You've been pacing around the dining room for the last hour, trying to come up with a plan.
    • --Ben's deceleration of attack still rings in your ears.
    • --You know he is going to strike at any moment, with the Penguinator at the front of the charge.
    • Abe: The Penguinator is the key... I need to get the Godfeather to match its strength.
    • Lector: Your brother is quite the builder, eh?
    • Abe: Lector?
    • Lector: His new creation is exceptionally strong. I dare say we underestimated him.
    • Abe: What can we do?
    • Lector: I think the problem is this... You have used Don Penguini faithfully for the last year, as was your father's wish.
    • Lector: However strong Don Penguini might be, he can't withstand something designed to take him out.
    • Lector: We need a new set of support monsters that can remove the Penguinator from the equation, and then use Don Penguini's power to strike the final blow.
    • Abe: You're saying I need more synergy, right?
    • Lector: Precisely! The Godfeather is strong, but he's even stronger with the right monsters behind him!
    • Lector: If we plan carefully, we should be able to halt Ben's counterattack.
    • Abe: That's right... let's see about reorganizing my party.
    • Abe: If I have any chance of stopping Ben, it's here and now. I won't give up!
    • --Ben's guys burst through the front door.
    • Ben: Knock knock.
    • Abe: .....
    • Ben: What's a matter, Abe? Can't even greet your own brother?
    • Abe: You've taught me the error of my ways, Ben.
    • Ben: What do you mean?
    • Abe: You are right, I depend too much on Don Penguini. I needed to rearrange my strategy.
    • Abe: This time, will be the real final battle!
    • Ben: If you say so. I'll crush your other monsters just as easily!

Boss Battle

Ben's Team

Name Element Active Moves Passive Moves
Shadowyrm Shadow Ultradusk (All) Bloodthirst Protector Killer Sleep Killer Stun Immunity
Nightrider Shadow Ultradusk (All) Desperate All Survivor Life Flip Self Hold Ground
Pegassiah Holy Ultranova (All) Desperate Double Survivor Purify Hold Ground
Poseideon Water Gigasplash 400sec Megabomb Stealth Life Flip All -
Caniswyrm Shadow Element Eradicate Protect Focus Stealth Teammate Knock Back Next -
Celestrion Holy Gigalux Timestrike Ultranova (All) Sendback Poison Revenge Shocking Entrance
Doomengine Shadow Ultrablaze (All) 150sec Twin Bomb Blood Clone Next Stealth Teammate Shield Entrance
The Penguinator Storm Ultrathunder (All) Overwatch Slayerbane All Desperate Bite Excessive Force Hold Ground

Abe's Team

Name Element Active Moves Passive Moves
The Godfeather Storm Assisted Thunder (All) Life Flip Self Last Bite Retreat Stun Immunity Hold Ground
Galvbane Storm Timestrike Protector Killer Stun Pulse Bloodcrave Hold Ground
Demolitron Holy Ultranova (All) Protector Killer Sleep Killer Timestrike -
Dualdragoon Storm Ultrabolt Ultrathunder (All) Twin Knock Back Unwanted Friend -
Nightlord Shadow Gigablight Timestrike Ultradusk (All) Sendback Poison Revenge Shocking Entrance

  • After Boss Battle
    • --Both sides clash back and forth, with no clear winner in sight...
    • --However, the Godfeather strikes the final blow, sending the Penguinator flying.
    • Ben: No! I won't lose!
    • Abe: It's finally over. Now, I say again... Join up with the Salvatores or beat it!
    • Abe: I'm sick of you wasting company resources on useless hunks of junk like Pengbot.
    • Ben: He ... is not useless!
    • --The Penguinator lurches back on its feet. Sparks fly from exposed wiring, but he still moves forward.
    • Abe: Tch... I've had enough of that eyesore. Godfeather, destroy him!
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