Reward(s) XP Gain
Super De-Aging Fruit x2 100

  • Mission Start/Before Boss Battle
    • Abe: This is crazy! How could there be a monster more powerful than Don Penguini?
    • Abe: Not only that, but it's something my brother made!
    • Thug: Don Salvatore... he just caught us off-guard...
    • Abe: No... No, he didn't. I was ready for him this time!
    • Abe: My brother may be a lot of things, but he ain't stupid. He wouldn't step on my turf a second time unless he had a real plan.
    • Abe: ...And I walked right into it! That Pengborg is too tough...
    • Thug: Where did that thing come from?
    • Abe: I don't know. But I need for Penguini to get stronger... or...
    • ?????: Well, then... Heh heh heh... Maybe I can help.
    • Abe: !!
    • --You whip around to the source of the voice... And spot a man cloaked in black. Instinctively, you run up and pin him against the wall.
    • Abe: Hey, hey, hey! Who do you think you are?
    • ?????: Aaaagh! I'm a friend! I'm a friend!
    • --You let go of the man. He stumbles and brushes of his cloak.
    • Abe: Like I said before... who are you, buddy?
    • Lector: My name is Lector. I knew your father before he died. We were business partners.
    • Abe: And you just showed up now?
    • Lector: I got word of your struggles against your brother for control of the city. I wanted to see if I could help.
    • Abe: I dunno... why should I trust you?
    • Lector: It is my duty to aid the true heir of the Salvatore throne, and you are the only true heir.
    • Lector: You have mastered Don Penguini in such a short time! You strike fear in the hearts of all those who oppose you! That alone is proof of your worthiness.
    • Abe: ....Alright, I'm listening. What is your plan?
    • Lector: Don Penguini is powerful, but your father's Don Penguini isn't fully evolved.
    • Abe: Are you serious?
    • Lector: Indeed! This Omegamid should be exactly the thing it needs to evolve.
    • Lector: The energies of this Omegamid should resonate with your Don Penguini, unlocking it's hidden potential!
    • Abe: ....Heh.
    • Abe: This is just crazy enough to work.
    • Abe: Let's get to it!
    • --You gather your forces at the supply depot in the west side of town. Word is that Ben's forces are making a move there, at the heart of your territory.
    • Thug: We just confirmed it, Ben is leading the charge... and that Pengborg thing is with him
    • Thug: What do we do?
    • Abe: Don't worry. He won't set foot in our turf without a fight.
    • --Ben's crew draws closer, with him at the lead, and the Pengborg marching right beside him.
    • Ben: Glad you decided to show up, after all.
    • Abe: Ben, I'm warning you to back off. Now.
    • Ben: What can you do? Nothing can stand before Pengborg.
    • Abe: In that case, I'd like you to meet... The Godfeather!
    • Ben: ...Huh?
    • --The Godfeather exits its capture card, appearing behind you in a flash of light.
    • --He is far larger than Don Penguini, easily towering over everyone present, all while seated comfortably on his throne.
    • Ben: Don Penguini... evolved?
    • Abe: I'll give you one more chance to leave.
    • Ben: No way! I crushed Don Penguini before, and I'll do it again!
    • Ben: I just hope he's tougher than the last form or this will be boring.
    • Abe: Then let's see!

Boss Battle

Ben's Team

Name Element Active Moves Passive Moves
Flufferno Fire Superflame Megablaze (All) Stun Burst Accelerate Team -
Beowolf Fire Superflame Protector Killer Superblaze (All) -
Glaukindle Fire Miniflame Flare (Dual) Protect Teammates Megablaze (All) -
Jabbit Earth Megastone Stone Megaquake (All) Megabash (Dual) -
Electrozard Storm Bolt Survivor Spark (Dual) -
Bluetail Storm Megabolt Superspark (Dual) Desperate Strike Accelerate Team -
Nautispiral Water Splash Survivor Flux (Dual) -
Solama Fire Megaflame Flame Megablaze (All) Megaflare (Dual) -
Bronzeshell Fire Reckless Attack Miniflame Accelerate Team Life Flip Self -
Bronzeshell Fire Reckless Attack Miniflame Accelerate Team Life Flip Self -
Pengborg Storm Gigathunder (All) Overwatch Slayerbane All Excessive Force Hold Ground

Abe's Team

Name Element Active Moves Passive Moves
Glacierback Water Ultrawave (All) Protect Focus Accelerate Team Knock Back -
Cryptblade Earth Gigaquake (All) Sacrifice Revival Zealous Attack Accelerate Team -
Lavamane Fire Ultrablaze (All) Cannibalize Soul Shield 400sec Megabomb Twin Summon Entrance
The Godfeather Storm Assisted Thunder (All) Life Flip Self Last Bite Retreat Stun Immunity Hold Ground

  • After Boss Battle
    • Ben: No... my Pengborg...
    • Abe: Ha ha ha! It's just like I planned. Now, Don Penguini is even more of a force to be reckoned with!
    • Ben: You haven't won just yet! We need to get back to the laboratory...
    • --Ben and his followers beat a hasty retreat.
    • Abe: Everything is falling into place. And now, the path to the factory district is open once again!
    • Abe: Get ready! We're striking back while the iron is hot!
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