Reward(s) XP Gain
Super De-Aging Fruit x1 100

  • Mission Start/Before Boss Battle
    • --You return to the Workshop, with Pengborg tucked under your arms.
    • Ben: Augh! This was a total failure...
    • Thug: Not much we could have done, Boss. We don't have much of a problem with Abe's guys, but Abe himself...
    • Ben: Yeah, I know. Abe's probably doing all of the heavy lifting for his crew with that Don Penguini of his!
    • Ben: ...But if I can make Pengbot more powerful, then maybe I can put a stop to that.
    • Thug: Pengbot was doing pretty good, I thought... until that Don Penguini showed up.
    • Ben: If he didn't have Don Penguini, I'd be running this show!
    • ?????: Perhaps I might be of assistance?
    • --A man in black robes slinks out of the shadows, wearing a ghastly grin. The air seems to be frozen with malice.
    • Ben: And who are you supposed to be?
    • Lector: You can just call me "Lector."
    • Ben: Okay, "Lector", you got five seconds before I throw you out of here, so you'd better talk fast.
    • Lector: I was one of your father's associates until he passed away. I thought I'd stop by to see the Salvatores...
    • Lector: But it seems you are embroiled in a civil war with your own brother.
    • Ben: What of it? You got something to say, then?
    • Lector: Yes, I believe that you are the true heir to the Salvatore throne.
    • Ben: ....Huh?
    • Lector: Your brother may be older, but he doesn't have the ambition, nor the brains, to run this town.
    • Lector: You, on the other hand, get things taken care of! You push the family forward, but your selfish brother just wants it all for himself.
    • Ben: ...Yeah.
    • Ben: You're right... You're right! That's exactly why he makes me so mad!
    • Lector: Just as you said: if he didn't have Don Penguini, you'd have cleaned up this town up long ago.
    • Lector: Don Penguini... yes... now that's a powerful monster. No wonder he gives you so much trouble.
    • Ben: So... what do you think?
    • Lector: Let's upgrade that Pengbot of yours. He just needs some adjustments!
    • Lector: Let's take a look, then...
    • --The next day, you gather at the city square, under the garish statue of Don Penguini.
    • Ben: Now, let's make a scene. Just like we planned.
    • Thug: All we gotta do is smash that thing, right?
    • Ben: Yes. Abe will take it as a personal challenge, and he'll come crawling out of his manor.
    • Ben: ...That's when I show him my new friend.
    • --Nearby villagers run in fear as your men attack the statue. One thug smashes the legs of the statue, and it topples over under its own weight.
    • Ben: Heheheh... now all that's left to do is wait.
    • --Sure enough, Abe rounds the corner, flanked by five of his guards.
    • Abe: Ben!
    • Ben: Abe. How are you doing? Still cleaning up after your men's failings?
    • Abe: You're actin' awfully smug. You thinking about using that bucket of bolts again?
    • Ben: See for yourself.
    • --The ground trembles from the creature's footsteps as it slowly rounds the corner, into full view of Abe and his thugs.
    • Abe: ....?!
    • Abe's Thug: What... what is that thing?
    • Abe: Is this... Pengbot?
    • Ben: Not just Pengbot. Pengborg. This is his second evolutionary stage.
    • Abe: Well... he's still the same old rust bucket on the inside, isn't he?
    • Abe: Alright, let's finish this once and for all!! Take out the trash, Done Penguini!

Boss Battle

Abe's Team

Name Element Active Moves Passive Moves
Bronzeshell Fire Reckless Attack Miniflame Accelerate Team Life Flip Self -
Bronzeshell Fire Reckless Attack Miniflame Accelerate Team Life Flip Self -
Bronzeshell Fire Reckless Attack Miniflame Accelerate Team Life Flip Self -
Bronzeshell Fire Reckless Attack Miniflame Accelerate Team Life Flip Self -
Don Penguini Storm Assisted Thunder (All) Life Flip Self Last Bite Stun Immunity Hold Ground

Ben's Team

Name Element Active Moves Passive Moves
Pengborg Storm Gigathunder (All) Overwatch Slayerbane All Excessive Force Hold Ground
Blackclaw Earth Gigaquake (All) Zealous Attack Attack Boost Shield Entrance
Bahamuzar Earth Ultraquake (All) Summon Swarm Throw Sacrifice Heal -

  • After Boss Battle
    • Abe: What? What is this? Don Penguini?!
    • Ben: Ha! Pengborg took that little monster down like it was nothing!
    • Ben: He's specially designed to use Penguini's own strength against him!
    • Ben: And Excessive Force gets around your sturdier monsters!
    • Abe: This can't be happening! Fall back, everyone!
    • --Abe quickly withdraws with his men.
    • Ben: Over already? Pengborg still wants to fight!
    • Ben: ....Actually, it looks like he could use a recharge.
    • Thug: What should we do, boss?
    • Ben: Let's pull back. Abe no longer poses a threat. We can plot out our retaliation tomorrow.
    • Thug: Maybe that Lector guy can make me one of those...
    • Ben: Yes... an army of Pengborgs! Once we take back this city, anything is possible!
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