Reward(s) XP Gain
De-Aging Fruit x2 100
  • Mission Start/Before Boss Battle
    • --Our tale begins at Corrolan's gate, where you are investigating some rumors. Two of your guards tag along, scanning the buildings as you walk to the gate.
    • Thug: Don Salvatore, are we looking for something in particular?
    • Abe: I got word of Ben's guys snoopin' around here after dark, thought I'd check it out myself.
    • Thug: Ha! That coward wouldn't dare face us in the open...
    • Abe: ...I wouldn't be too sure of that. Check it out!
    • --You point ahead, at a group of shifty-looking characters leaning against the wall. Some of them notice, and begin craning their necks to get a better view of you.
    • ?????: Woah there, buddy.
    • Abe: And just who are you chumps?
    • ?????: Who's asking?
    • Abe: Don Abe Salvatore, that's who!
    • Ben's Thug: Ah, thought I recognized that ugly scar of yours. Anyway, if you ain't with Boss Ben, you still gotta follow the rules...
    • Abe: Did someone drop you on your head? Did you forget who's runnin' this show?
    • Ben's Thug: Boss Ben, smart guy. I don't care if you're the late Roberto's son. If you ain't on Ben's side, you gotta pay the toll.
    • Ben's Thug: That goes for any other chump who lives in this town.
    • Abe: So that's your outfit, huh? Making a toll road on my turf?
    • Ben's Thug: Cool it, buddy. We wouldn't wanna make a scene, now, would we?
    • Abe: You bozos made your last mistake.
    • ?????: Wait!
    • --Another guy slinks out of the shadows. You instantly recognize him as Ben, your brother.
    • Ben's Thug: Boss, let us handle it.
    • Ben: No way, I figured he was gonna show up, anyway.
    • Ben: Always did prefer the "hands on" approach, now did you, Abe?
    • Thug: Don't you dare disrespect the Don-!
    • Abe: Hold it! Ben wouldn't show his face unless he had a trick up his sleeve. Something's fishy, here...
    • Ben: Heh, well. I got a little experiment I wanted to try out.
    • Abe: Another useless gadget? This is why I kicked you out of the business in the first place.
    • Ben: The way I remember it, I left.
    • Abe: Of course you would.
    • Ben: In any case, let me show you a new monster I've been working on.
    • Abe: Don Penguini will crush any monster you can show me.
    • Ben: Really? This is a perfect test, then... for Pengbot!
    • Abe: Pengbot?
    • Ben: An ultimate weapon of my own design!
    • Ben: Behold!
    • Abe: .......
    • Abe: ........Ha!
    • Abe: Ha ha! He looks like a little wimp, just like you!
    • Ben: He still needs some adjusting , actually. Which is why I'm glad I bumped into you.
    • Abe: You even made him look like Don Penguini. You're still jealous, aren't you?
    • Ben: I couldn't care less about that boring old monster of yours. Pengbot is vastly superior.
    • Ben: In fact, let me demonstrate it to you right now!

Boss Battle

Ben's Team

Name Element Active Moves Passive Moves
Wizpur Holy Superlux Dreamhunt -
Felichanter Shadow Blight Sleep All -
Thugfrog Shadow Superblight 400sec Bomb Enrage Teammate Stealth -
Gearog Shadow Auto Death Sentence
Rattlesneak Shadow Megadusk (All) Stealth Sneak Attack -
Eggjumper Shadow Protector Killer
Darkstag Shadow Gigablight Protect Teammates Ultradusk (All) Purify Stun Absorber Hold Ground
Kamiwyrm Water Ultrawave (All) Bloodthirst Protector Killer Sleep Killer Stun Immunity
Shadowyrm Shadow Ultradusk (All) Bloodthirst Protector Killer Sleep Killer Stun Immunity
Pengbot Storm Superthunder (All) Overwatch Excessive Force

Abe's Team

Name Element Active Moves Passive Moves
Galvit Storm Bolt Element Massacre Stun Revenge Hold Ground
Zapcat Storm Superbolt Accelerate Team -
Pengster Storm Bolt Spark (Dual) Protect Teammates Give Turn -
Don Penguini Storm Assisted Thunder (All) Life Flip Self Last Bite Stun Immunity Hold Ground
Stormharp Storm Megabolt Protect Teammates Sendback Stealth Teammate Hold Ground
Sanders Storm Superbolt Minibolt -
Birdy Storm Superbolt Minibolt -
Stormpixie Storm Megabolt Protect Teammates Sendback Stealth Teammate Hold Ground

  • After Boss Battle
    • Abe: Heh. Not bad, for a bucket of bolts...
    • Abe: it's still just a pale imitation of Don Penguini!
    • Ben: Grrr...
    • Abe: You whimps should clear out. I need to hand back to the manor.
    • Ben: This isn't over! He's only in his first form right now.
    • Abe: Whatever you say, bro. No matter what you do, I'll always be the better fighter.
    • --You leave, as your men follow behind.
    • Thug: Great work, Don Salvatore! You made quick work of them.
    • Abe: ......
    • Thug: What's the matter? Something bothering you?
    • Abe: That Pengbot... thing.
    • Abe: It's only in it's first form, but it chewed through some of my monsters easily.
    • Abe: I don't like it. If what Ben says is true, we need to strike fast and hard.
    • Thug: I think you're thinking too much about it, Don. Ben's never been much of a fighter... maybe you were goin' easy on him?
    • Abe: ...I don't follow.
    • Thug: When I go home, first thing I do is hang my keys on the hook. I don't even think about it.
    • Thug: You're so tough, maybe you were holding back without even thinking about it, you know?
    • Abe: Maybe...
    • Abe: Maybe you're right. We'll plan our retaliatory strike later.
    • Abe: I'll let him play with his broken toy, for now.
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