Come help us celebrate the First Year Anniversary of our game by playing in this unique event. In this event, you'll use specially made monster teams to beat a series of missions with an exciting storyline! Will you join forces with the Godfeather, or try out using his archnemesis, the Penguinator?


This is the story of the city of Corrolan, and the war waged in secret to become its ruler.

Unbeknownst to many, the city's true movers and shakers were the many underground organizations, who constantly fought over districts.

But the most powerful organization of all was the Salvatores. After many generations, the Salvatores seized established themselves as the rulers of the city. Any and all competition was made to leave, or vanished overnight.

However, the head boss of the Salvatores, Roberto, fell ill. Fearing he was not long for this world, he entrusted the organization to his sons.

Abe Salvatore, the oldest, was given the leadership role, as well as the powerful symbol of the Salvatore family... Don Penguini.

The younger son, Ben Salvatore, was also given a great share of power. He managed and maintained the may factories under Salvatore control.

However, in the wake of their father's death, the two boys started to disagree with one another. First it was over petty things, like guard rotations and supply management...

Eventually, they couldn't agree on anything. They went their separate ways, dividing the wealth and power amongst all who were loyal to them.

This... is where our story begins.

Battle 1: The Second Don

Battle 2: Pengborg Strikes Back

Battle 3: The Throne Reclaimed

Battle 4: Steel Forged

Battle 5: The Decisive Duel: Ben

Battle 5: The Decisive Duel: Abe

Final Battle: The Master Plan

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