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<span style="color:#FFA343">'''Overview'''</span>
In this event, you draft a new lineup of monsters from <span style="color:#0080ff">'''random sets of 3 monsters'''</span>. The first draft give you <span style="color:#0080ff">'''6 sets of 3'''</span>. After you complete your draft, use your lineup to battle AI opponents using the lineups made by other users! As the event continues, you will have many opportunities to draft more monsters. Keep your eyes on the countdown timer; <span style="color:#FFCC33">'''when it reaches 0'''</span>, you will be able to add more monsters to your event lineup!
<span style="color:#FFA343">'''Level'''</span>
Players will receive <span style="color:green">'''rewards based on their challenge levels'''</span>.. With each battle, players can choose their challenge level. The higher the level, <span style="color:green">'''the better the reward!'''</span>.
<span style="color:#FFA343">'''About Rankings'''</span>
You will be able to see your ranking among players, but for this particular event, these rankings will be purely for show. <span style="color:red">'''There will be no rewards for high ranks, nor will a crown be given out to the top 50 players.'''</span>.
== Active ==
== Active ==

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Level Reward
1 Gem x1
10 Silver 33,000
14 Gem x1
26 De-Aging Fruit x1
40 De-Aging Fruit x1
60 Super De-Aging Fruit x1
70 Silver 67,000
80 Epic Bonus Potion x1
92 Super De-Aging Fruit x1
100 Gem x1
106 Silver 167,000
112 Epic Bonus Potion x1
130 Gem x1
140 Super Epic Potion x1
164 Gem x1
180 Super Epic Potion x1
200 Legendary Potion x1
220 Gem x2
250 Legendary Potion x1
300 Rare Gem x3
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