Purchase Gold Egg screen


Gold Eggs can be purchased by clicking the "Hatch" button in the bottom right of the screen from the main menu. Gold Eggs costs 5 gems and will hatch an Epic or above monster from the list below.

Until around 8/2/2016, purchasing the Gold Egg would start a slot-machine like sequence that could land on either Epic, Super Epic, or Legendary. The player pressed a button to stop the "machine" and when it landed on one of the three possibilities, it would cut to a scene of a white egg with golden spots hatching into an monster. Despite how it appeared, the time at which the player stopped the machine had no effect on the result.

After, it was changed to a sequence with a nest full of eggs, directing the player to tap an egg. When the player clicks on the screen (anywhere, not just on the specified egg), the egg cracks into a white egg with golden spots and falls out of the nest, after which it cuts to the scene of the egg hatching. If the egg is Super Epic or Legendary, it would crack into either a solid gold egg or a multicolored egg respectively..

In early August, the option to purchase 10 Gold Eggs at once was added. It costs 50 gems, and gives a Rare Gem as a bonus. During the egg sequence, all of the eggs in the nest shake, and they crack into the color of egg corresponding to their rarity as they are falling out of the nest. The eggs then fall into a screen where they sit in a list in two rows of five. The eggs then crack one by one into monsters. With Legendary monsters having a special border.

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