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Line-Up- tips for creating an effective line up

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Ultra-Evolution - Alternative ingredient locations

Beginner Tips

  1. Replay the first spin. If you don't want to spend money on the game, it is best to reset the first free spin until you get a legendary monster. This will take several tries but worth it in the long run.
  2. Festival eggs only! Only buy/ spend gems on eggs during festival eggs (holidays). Festival eggs have higher chances for super epic and legendary rolls.
    • The amount of money you put into the game does not change your chances for getting legendary monsters. This makes the game more balanced.
  3. Level up online. Focus on leveling up in online missions as it lets you have more tickets and use more monsters in your team. Milestones in the offline story also expand tickets and monster cost
    • The easiest and cheapest way to level up is the Chapter 4 Shadow Realm boss.
    • Don't try to rush through the game- it's not a race. If you have to wait for tickets come back later. 
  4. Strategy is key. Focus on strategy rather than over-buffed monsters. A well balanced team of epics can destroy a poorly made legendary team.
    • Even the hardest boss can be beaten without legendary monsters.
    • Avoid grouping same-type monsters for the first two league battles due to the move 'Element Massacre' being very common.
    • If you are stuck, ask for help. There are plenty of experienced players that will gladly help you. You can ask here: Build my Team

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