The Basics

  • Starting the edit
    • Click edit on any page to get started
      • Or click on a red link to start a new page
      • Or start a new page anywhere by pressing contribute (top right) > new page. Keep in mind that you should link an existing page to this at some point for viewer navigation.
    • You can enter the edit screen on any finished page to copy-paste the page format to a new page
    • A few text format options are at the top of the edit page
      • Use the paragraph drop down box to add headings
      • The insert drop down box includes list and image options
  • Links
    • You can turn any normal text into a link by highlighting and pressing the chain link icon at the top of the edit screen
    • The default link is to a wiki page of the same name as the text.
      • The text will automatically turn blue if this link is to an existing page
      • Or red if the page does not yet exist.
    • You can also enter any internal or external link into the box that appears
  • Images: Upload images to a page by selecting Insert > Media
  • Tables: Insert tables by selecting Insert> Table

Editing Tips

  • "What links here" is a tool in the black bar at the bottom of any page that is not in edit mode. This is extremely useful, especially when looking for which monsters have a certain move on unfinished move pages.
  • The source editor allows many more formatting options but is more difficult to use. To get to it, click the three black bars on the top right of the editing page.
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