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Monsters are creatures that are used in the game to battle. Currently, there are more than 1300 different types of monsters, including their evolutions.

Index of Monsters


Each monster has one of 6 elements associated with it:

  • Fire (Red) - strong against Earth, weak against Water
  • Water (Blue) - strong against Fire, weak against Storm
  • Earth (Green) - strong against Storm, weak against Fire
  • Storm (Yellow) - strong against Water, weak against Earth
  • Holy (White) - strong when attacking Shadow, weak when defending against Shadow
  • Shadow (Dark/Purple) - strong when attacking Holy, weak when defending against Holy

The "basic" elements - Fire, Water, Storm, and Earth - are each strong against one basic element, but weak against another basic element. For example, Water is strong against Fire, but weak against Storm.

Unlike the basic elements, Holy and Shadow are in direct opposition to each other. Each is strong when attacking the other, but weak when being attacked by the other. Holy and Shadow have no advantages or disadvantages against the "basic" elements.


All monsters have a certain amount of stars under them. The amount of stars indicate the potential power of the monster, as well as its rarity. Generally, the more stars a monster has, the more powerful it is when fully trained. There are currently 7 different star numbers:

  • 0 Stars: Common
  • 1 full Star: Uncommon
  • 2 full Stars: Rare
  • 3 full Stars: Super Rare
  • 4 full Stars: Epic
  • 5 full Stars: Super Epic
  • 6 full Stars: Legendary
  • additional empty 1-2 Stars: for Ultra Evolution.

Monsters from 0 to 3 stars can be captured on the "Explore" maps.

  • On the first five maps (Central Island through Timber Island), 0, 1, and 2-star monsters can be encountered in the "overworld" of each area, and a 3-star monster can be found in each of the two dungeons located on those maps
  • On the sixth map (Cursed Island), monsters from 0 to 3 stars can be found in the overworld, while 3 1/2-star monsters can be found in each of the three dungeons on the map

With the exception of your starter monster, the three 3-star monsters located on Cursed Island (which can be Ultra-evolved into 4-star monsters), and those from online events or log-in rewards, 3-star monsters and higher can only be obtained from received from Gold Eggs, which cost 5 gems each.

Note: Some transferred monsters can also be Ultra Evolved.


Nearly all monsters in the game can evolve. Monsters start off on their Initial Form, and if they can evolve, move up stages. To increase a monsters experience, you must use training points in Training, which help increase your monsters stats, eventually evolving them.

Basic Evolution

This evolution is from gaining more stats from regular Training. At the end of each training session, under a monster still able to undergo evolution, it shows the percentage for how close the monster is to evolving. Once you reach 100%, your monster will evolve.

Ultra Evolution

Ultra evolution is only available to monsters Epic rarity and above. Monsters of these rarity have a missing star, which could be acquired through ultra evolution. To ultra evolve, you must have all the ingredient monsters shown on the right of the monster (seen when you go to ultra evolution in the game), as well as a certain amount of silver. Ingredients can be found in online mode, and require the use of a silver key to unlock an area. Ultra evolution also requires the monster to be fully upgraded with max stats.

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